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If Potential Customers Can't Find You When They Search Online For The Products Or Services You Provide, Then ...
You Are Most Probably Losing Revenue ...






Matt ScottHi there, I’m Matt Scott and you most probably found me by searching Google for “seo expert leicester” or some other search term related to the services I provide.


If you cannot be found by potential customers on page one of Google for your products or services then chances are your competitors are profitably taking customers from you. So why do you need an expert from SEO Leicester to rank locally? Well because technology is quickly surpassing the Yellow pages and other business directories with your potential customers searching for you online.


We’re experts at helping Leicester businesses dominate their competition online and seizing the revenue that they are currently losing by not being found by potential customers when they search for the businesses services online. This means more business, profit and an increased ROI on your marketing spend.


Stop Losing Customers and Potential Revenue to Your Competitors

If your potential customers are not finding your website on page one of Google when they are looking for the products and services that you provide, then you are losing out on revenue and business to your competition.


adwords-vs-organic-searchTechnology is rapidly changing business and how consumers interact with any given business. With the search engines delivering lightening fast responses and with the majority of the population having a smartphone to hand, the old ways of generating new business are quickly dying.


Don’t leave your business or your future customers behind, get in touch today so we can show you the revenue you’re losing and what you can do to seize it back.


Typically, on any Google page one listing, you have three opportunities for customers to find you.


The first and most lucrative postition is within the organic search listings. The organic search listings are synonymous with ‘SEO’. The act of ‘SEO’, performed correctly places a pre-determined webpage in front of your potential customers so that they find you when they are look for your products or services. 


This section on the first page recieves the majority of eyeballs and clicks by searchers.  As an example; if there were were 500 people searching for a plumber in leicester, around 400 of those people would click on the first three organic listings. Simply put, it really pays for your business to be there!


Some web searches are based on local services that would include a local geographical modifier and these searches would trigger Google’s local listings or 7 pack. This is another great place for a business to be as this section in Google shows businesses that are local to the searcher or related to the location from which the search term was typed. When these type of searches are performed on a mobile device, it’s very easy for a potential customer to call the business. You can find more about our local business seo on our Google Local page.


The third opportunity you have to position your business is the paid listings section using Google’s Pay Per Click advertising program. This advertising platform allows you to send potential customers to your website or offer within the hour! You only pay Google only once someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. The disadavantage with this option is that when you stop paying Google, your Ad disappears and potential customers will no longer be able to find you.


Any one of these opportunities can get you in front of your potential customers and will likely send you a steady stream of targeted enquiries, website visits, sales and phone calls each and every month.


The great advantage of marketing your business online is that each step in the process can be measured and improved so you’re constantly getting an increased return on your marketing investment.


Any business thats not found in the organic results or within the local maps listings is missing out on additional revenue and building long-term assets to increase the value of the business.


Find out how much revenue you’re losing every single year if things continue to stay as they are.



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